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Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a negotiating process between the EU and the US which could “at a stroke liberalise a third of global trade”.

The economic relationship between the US and the 27 countries of the EU is the biggest in the world, accounting for approximately half of global GDP. However, various barriers on both sides of the Atlantic are perceived as hindering the emergence of a truly free transatlantic market place. The proposed deal could be of huge benefit to businesses on both sides of the Atlantic and add billions of pounds of investment to the already massive trade and investment relationship shared between Europe, the UK and the United States.  UK Prime Minister David Cameron has said that this could be “the biggest bilateral trade deal in history”.

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Key Facts:

EU & US Economic Relationship

  • The US is the EU’s largest trading partner.
  • The EU and the US account for about half of world GDP (47%).
  • Each day goods and services of almost €2 billion are traded bilaterally, creating jobs and growth in our economies.
  • According to the Commission, TTIP could add over £100bn to EU GDP and over £80 billion to US GDP.
  • TTIP is also expected to benefit the rest of the world, with knock on gains that could generate £85 billion worldwide.

BritishAmerican Economic Relationship

  • The US and the UK are each other’s largest foreign investors. This investment supports over a million jobs in each country.
  • US investment stock in the UK is £200bn (2011), eight times the US investment stock in China.
  • The Government estimates that TTIP could boost the UK economy by as much as £10 billion each year.

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