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BritishAmerican Business (BAB) believes that a comprehensive transatlantic trade and investment pact could be of huge benefit to our member companies on both sides of the Atlantic and add billions to the already massive trade and investment relationship shared between Europe and the United States.  It would assist entrepreneurs and job creators as they seek new business opportunities in global markets while also providing new impetus for the creation of a body of world trade rules fit for the 21st century.

BAB has been actively promoting the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) by building a member driven business consensus through a wide-ranging event, policy  and communications programme, since before the TTIP negotiations were launched in July 2013.

With the guidance of our newly-established EU/US Trade and Investment Forum, we are focussing our activities on:

  • Building a strong consensus of awareness and support among the UK/US business community for the aims and potential outcomes of TTIP to exert positives pressure on the negotiating process.
  • Representing, to Government, our members’ primary concerns and objectives for TTIP, to ensure that the outcome is as beneficial as possible to the business community.

As you will see below, our TTIP related activities include an extensive event programming

Event Programming

We have an extensive event programming on both sides of the Atlantic looking at issues relevant to TTIP.  These include:

Please see the bottom of the page for a full list of events.

Policy Initiatives

We have undertaken a series of policy initiatives presenting the views of our member companies to Government, making specific recommendations for Government to consider throughout the negotiation process. We have also released a number of press releases welcoming the negotiation process and encouraging urging those involved with the negotiations to keep the political momentum going to reach an ambitious and comprehensive agreement.

Communications Channels

We have launched a series of communications channels on TTIP in order to:

  • Keep our members and the public informed of any updates in the negotiation process;
  • To encourage a dialogue between business and government.

Our current communications platforms include:

  • LinkedIn Group: on the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership – please join our group to get involved with the discussion and to stay informed about our TTIP activities and the negotiation process.
  • Twitter: All our updates will be posted @BABLondon Please use the hash tag #BABLondon to get involved with the discussion
  • Blog: We are approaching experts from the business community and government to contribute short thought pieces about the local, specific and tangible outcomes they would like to see from the negotiation process.
  • Resources: Please see our list of key documents relating to the negotiation process in our ‘About TTIP’ section
  • News: We are keeping this website updated with all the latest developments from the negotiation process.


Further Information

For more information, please contact Amanda Zambon, Communications Manager, BritishAmerican Business,

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